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kaishin108 ~ keep calmly knowing change

letting go of the struggle

Hi, Kaishin here and I am open to making sincere friends here at LJ.
Female, married for ages to G, and have a grown step-son.

I try to post often and I comment when applicable and hopefully not so much you feel bothered by it. I have been at Live Journal since Dec. 2011.
I believe in human rights, no violence, equality for all no matter what race, sexual preference or religion, and I like all around diversity.

Before moving to Boise, Idaho, USA in August of 2015, I was a part time yoga instructor in San Diego, interests in Eastern philosophies, yet open & raised with Western influence.

I love dogs but I try not to post 'just' about the rescued Afghan hounds we have/had.
Right now we have Sparkles a smaller dog who ended up at Afghan Hound Rescue and I adopted her, we think she is about 10.
And in October 2015 we adopted Eli, a young Afghan Hound male from a breeder in SoCalif. He shipped him to us and we are all getting to know each other. It is different to have an older puppy around. (He is about 3 and a half now but still quite hyper and crazy!)

Artist of varying degrees - painting & collage, sewing, sewing fabric with paper, gelli printing, art journaling and more.

Journaling - on line, paper, writing, poetry - making handmade journals. Right now I am making some unusual cards that can also be little books...I like whimsical pieces and I enjoy the process more than anything.

Reading - I love to read mysteries, the classics, history, novels and other stuff.

I am as old as the hills!

Can you please comment on my Journal or send me a message if you are going to add me?
Thank you!


開心 - Hiraki Kokoro, kaishin, or "Open Heart" (< note for me of definition of Kaishin in Japanese) It was my Dharma name when I was a Zen student.